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KEEP works to ensure sustainable tourism in Nepal with the enthusiasm, support and commitment of our key partners:


Antipodeans Abroad
Antipodeans Abroad specialises in educational and volunteer travel programs with a purpose. Their range of travel programs are designed around developing young Australians and focus on leadership, personal challenge, cultural immersion and responsible travel.

Their volunteering programs incorporate sustainable, grassroots projects which enrich volunteers’ travels and benefit a small community. KEEP have been working in partnership with Antipodeans Abroad for over a year.


Crooked Trails, USA
A non-profit, community-based travel organisation, Crooked Trails has been encouraging people to diversify their understanding of the planet and its myriad of cultures through education, responsible travel practices and community development for more than ten years.

We began our partnership in 2002 and since then have collaborated on several of our Community Development programs placing international volunteers and adventurers in Nepal’s rural villages and communities. Over the past two years Crooked Trails has proved instrumental in fundraising for the expansion of Shree Bindawasini Lower Secondary School, Kavre.


International Porter Protection Group
IPPG works to improve conditions for mountain porters in the tourism industry worldwide. Its aim is for every porter to have; access to adequate clothing, boots, shelter and food (appropriate to the altitude and weather); medical care when ill or injured and appropriate health insurance.

KEEP and IPPG became partners in 2009 and KEEP now houses a Porters’ Clothing Bank on behalf of both organisations.


Irish Himalayan Trust
The Trust has support our English Language Program since KEEP’s foundation.


Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal
Established in 1998 Nepal’s national tourism organisation seeks to forge a partnership between Nepal’s government and tourism industries, working together to promote and develop Nepal as an attractive tourist destination.


We have worked with the Nepal Tourist Board over the last four years organising conferences and education courses and promoting projects that encourage sustainable tourism. They have supplied financial and logistical support to many of our programs and in return, KEEP has provided best practice advice and feedback for their customer service programs.


OzQuest Adventures, Australia
A non-profit organisation that runs short-term international expeditions for Australians aged 18-30. These expeditions link adventure travel with volunteer community projects and research, giving travellers the opportunity to have a more lasting impact on the communities they visit.


KEEP and OzQuest have been in partnership since 2002 and more than 150 OzQuest volunteers have worked in partnership with our Community Development program.

PATA International Foundation, Nepal
The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a membership association acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of the Asia Pacific travel and tourism industry. In partnership with private and public sector members PATA enhances the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to, from and within the region.


In 2009 PATA awarded KEEP a grant to organise an eight month program educating tourism professionals on the importance of waste management and waste management skills along the Tamang Heritage Trail.


Porters’ Progress, UK
Porters’ Progress facilitates the safe treatment, education and empowerment of adult and child trekking and commercial porters and their communities in Nepal through appropriate programs, with priority given to creating change within the trekking industry.


Rhododendron Education Trust, UK
The Trust has been supporting KEEP since its inception 16 years ago. Their support has been priceless for the organisation of training and workshops intended to strengthen the capacities of tourism professionals.


Sustainable Tourism Network, Nepal
The Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) is an informal network of individuals and organisations that earnestly encourages sustainable tourism practices in Nepal. STN provides a forum for those working in the tourism field to share advice, increase cooperation and encourage the use of best practices in regards to sustainable tourism.


The Intrepid Foundation, Australia
As part of Australia’s Intrepid Travel organisation, The Intrepid Foundation strives to aid the local community promoting small campaigns in healthcare, education, human rights, child welfare, and environmental and wildlife protection. The Foundation contributes to the grassroots work of other non-governmental organisations, primarily in areas where Intrepid Travel operates a branch.

Over the past seven years, The Intrepid Foundation has offered continued support to our Community Project Fund as well as consistent collaboration in our Community Development programs.


From 2007 to 2009 The Intrepid Foundation and KEEP coordinated several programs to assist Shree Bindawasini Lower Secondary School and Shree Mahakali Primary School in various construction projects, crucial to the safety and continued attendance of its students.


The International Mountain Explorers Connection
The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) was founded in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado to promote responsible and sustainable connections between travellers and the people of developing mountain regions of the world. Through its Porter Assistance Project, IMEC focuses its efforts on improving the working conditions for porters in Tanzania and Nepal.


IMEC supports KEEP’s Porters’ Clothing Bank.


The Mountain Fund
The Mountain Fund works to eliminate poverty, its causes and symptoms, in developing mountain communities around the world. Founded in 2005 their goal is to create healthy, vibrant mountain communities where people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. They believe their goals must be undertaken with community buy-in, respect for and preservation of underlying cultural practices and norms.


Their approach is to discover those things that can be done today, with very little funding and by local protagonists dedicated to their own communities. The Mountain Fund works hand-in-hand with local community leaders to identify solvable problems in the community and take action to do those things that can be done now, and at a cost that is affordable.


WWF Nepal
World Wildlife Fund Nepal has focused its energies on community supported biodiversity conservation since the late 1960s. WWF has been at the forefront of educating the community in regards to conservation concepts and practices. Initially WWF focused on preserving the endangered rhino and tiger, but with its success has shifted its concentration to promoting sustainable livelihoods for indigenous groups.

In 2009, WWF funded KEEP’s research and development of tourism best practice and documentation in key tourist sites on the Gosainkunda Trail.


Pacific Discovery, New Zealand
Pacific Discovery is a registered New Zealand educational Travel Company established in 2001, committed to providing a superb experience, upholding high standards of professionalism, and ensuring comfort and wellbeing are foremost. It has grown from a love of travel…the delight in casting off into the unknown, not knowing what the next moment may bring…new places, cultures, landscapes, cities, fantastic adventures, wonderful friendships, and a desire to share all of this with others. It also maintains comprehensive peer reviewed safety plan, independently audited sustainability policy and public liability insurance.


KEEP and Pacific Discovery have been in partnership since 2009.


Association pour le Respect et la Dignité des Porteurs de l'Himalaya (ARDPH)

ARDPH, Switzerland registered non-profit organization, aims primarily for the respect and dignity of the trekking porters in the Himalaya region by advising travelers, through agreements with tourist agencies, the provision of adequate equipment in order to improve working conditions of trekking porters, financing of lending equipment centers, training, opportunities for the children of porters to attend school, as well as any other projects aimed at helping porters and their families.

KEEP and ARDPH became partners since July, 2010 and is supporting the KEEP- Porters’ Clothing Bank.


1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is helping to tilt the scales of giving toward the thousands of under-funded nonprofits dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability, to preserving and restoring our natural environment.


Annapurna HR

Annapurna HR caters exclusively for the needs of experienced HR Professionals and Companies seeking to hire them.
Our Mission Statement:
"Annapurna HR aims to continually be the leading edge ethical recruitment company, whose people are passionate about being the best in their field for the benefit of themselves, their clients, candidates and the environment."


Nepal Trekking
Nepal trekking is a UK organization specialising in tailor made treks/tours to Nepal. These cover all manner of levels to suit a client’s wishes. They cover different kinds of expeditions from Community Service and Trekking Peaks to Experience and Wildlife Tours as well as working with specific village projects. Keep has recently started a partnership with Nepal trekking in March 2012.


Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism (SST)
Founded in 2001 by the Swiss Student Travel Office cooperative, the SST supports organizations and initiatives that pursue the development of sustainable tourism.
Through its contributions, the Foundation helps to secure the livelihoods of the populations in tourist destinations, to improve their economic conditions and to protect the environment.
It also helps to promote new initiatives and ideas for a balanced cultural exchange between tourists and locals.


2Way Development

2Way is a volunteer placement service that facilitates hundreds of placements a year throughout the developing world. It offers a competitive and reliable alternative to government funded schemes, specifically matching volunteers to placements suiting their vocation, and location of interest. They have been collaborating since 2Way founder Katherine Tubb volunteered with Keep in 1998.