Wilderness First Aid Course

The Wilderness First Aid course presented bi-annually at KEEP has been greatly important to tourism professionals to address possible injuries while trekking in the unpredictable mountainous terrain. KEEP conducted an advance Five Day Wilderness First Aid Course Sept 9—13, 2014 for different trekking companies and individuals. There were 35 participants in the course, instructed by Dr. Ajit Kumar Gurung and his team







1) First Aid Training: KEEP-First Aid Training course was held from January 29-31, 2015. The topics to be covered included: CPR, bleeding, suturing, head injury, fractures, burns, hypothermia, AMS, and the use of portable altitude chambers such as PAC, Gamov or Certec, frost bite, snow blindness, respiratory problems, abdominal emergencies, tropical diseases, the first aid kit, basic hygiene, leadership psychology emergency situations and evacuations. The course is based on the manual "First-Aid and Survival in remote and Mountain Areas"